We offer Cloud Computing for Virtual Medical Atentionl

We offer Cloud Computing

We connect Patients with Doctors. For primary atention that needs no travelling

  1. We offer Cloud Computing to Medics to use this our platform to comunicate with their Patients

  2. This System is very easy to use..

  3. This System guides the user.

  4. The Patient writes y needs and the Medic calls the Patient.

  5. The Medic enters the prescription and indication into the System which sends a code to the Patients to see the results indications from the Medic.

  6. The Patient can conuslt his Clinical History.

  7. The Doctor can export the list of Atentions into Excel.

  8. We can assist the Medic to configure his System.

  9. The DataBase of each Doctor is unique.

  10. We create a subDomain for a group of Doctors.

Hardware and Operating Systems evolve constantly requiring more resources. We offer this platform so a Medic will not need to invest in costly and needless infrastructure

Attend to your patients from any geographical location anytime through our platform